Mac OS 10.4 Rules… on an Intel D915GLC PC

So I’m posting this from a shiny new installation of Mac OS X 10.4, but there’s no Mac in sight. A guy we all need to give props to called “deadmoo” has managed to post an .iso to the world which allows running Mac OS on an Intel box. I’m currently typing this from a PPC build of FireFox running under Rosetta emulation. It’s extremely cool. Now, before anybody goes and accuses me of being cheap, or stealing someone else’s work, let me stress that the only reason most people (myself included) do this is to say that we can. Yes, it runs great, but don’t expect to see me post from this OS again, at least not on this computer. I’d love to buy a copy of OS X to run on it, but until I can, I’ll be saving my pennies for a trip to the local Apple store.

Anyway, in a year, when 10.5 is out, complete with Red Box (which they still swear doesn’t exist, but mark my words), I’ll be buying a PowerBook. I’ll sell my car if nessecary.

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